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All the knowledge and encouragement you need to stay motivated and moving forward is right here inside my 'No More Vanilla Living Action Academy!'

Let me ask you this....

Do you have an online business that isn't where you want it to be?

Do you know exactly what you need to do but you never seem to get those things done?​

Are you ​frustrated with your lack of action?

Does it seem like everyone else is getting ahead and can make money easily, while you struggle to even put ONE THING out there?​

Do you see other women writing books, releasing online programs and ​building their email lists effortlessly?

Are you starting to feel that maybe you should just give up on this dream of yours?

Like maybe you just aren't cut out to own a successful online business?​  One that makes you great money and doesn't take 100 hours of your time each week?

That perhaps your husband / mother-in-law / best friend was right and you should just go back to being normal?  Maybe you should push those dreams of being exceptional back down into that dark place they hide and just get back to being the good girl that everyone expects you to be?

F*&% THAT!!!!!​

If this describes how you've been feeling, you can take a deep breath and relax! You're exactly where you need to be to have a successful online business.  You are meant to succeed!

And you're meant to do it NOW!

You just need to stop dicking around!  

You need to stop procrastinating.  

You need​ to give up your perfectionism and just get yourself out there!

Maybe you even need a bit of an arse-kicking!​


My name is Tracey Pedersen and I'm here to kick your arse! 

Need to get your project finished?  Hanging out with me will ensure you get it done, and then some!  

I've been blogging since 2011.  I run a travel blog, a money blog, my own personal blog, a travel membership site (as well as this one),  and I've created over 20 online products to help women get ahead in online business.  

I've also written and published 4 books on Amazon this year with a crap tonne more on the way!

As you can see - I get s&%* done!

And I specialise in helping women learn how to do the same!

I specifically help two groups of women.

1.  Those women who are new to online life and need help with the tech stuff.  The ones who are full of great ideas but have no idea how to implement them.  The ones who JUST KNOW this is what they are meant to do.  These women have suddenly realised there's more to life than what they've been enduring.  As one of my ladies recently summed it up perfectly "there's got to be something better than this!"

2.  The other group is those women who've been online for a while.  They've got a website, maybe a pretty opt-in gift for their subscribers.  They've mastered the tech stuff - spent months learning how it all works and how it fits together.  But that's where they've stalled.  They don't have any customers.  Their mailing list looks a bit sad considering how long they've been doing this.  Or they have a decent list that they never email because they don't want to be 'pushy'! 

The common thread in both these fabulous groups of ladies is that they need help to TAKE ACTION!  They need a kick in the pants.  Someone to ask them directly - did you do XYZ like you said you would?

Now be honest with yourself.....

Which group are you in?​

Either way, if you're reading this then you need my help to get you moving!​

Start Now.  Today.  

Don't Let Another Week Drift By Without You Taking Action To Grab Your Dreams!

Become a member today with a 30 day trial for just $19!  Then $29/month ongoing.  Your low, low rate is locked in for life!  

The regular price after the launch will be $59/month.

If you've heard enough, and are sick and tired of not getting anything finished, click the button below to get instant access!  I've priced this programme at stupidly low levels because I'm tired of watching women give up instead of leaping FORWARD to get exactly what they want!  If you absolutely need to join the women who finish things and launch their goodness into the world, if you can't afford to wait another second to GET S&%* DONE, then click the button below and let's get to it!

Some of you will need to know exactly what you get before you decide to act.  Find out here!

So what exactly do you get when you join my No More Vanilla Living Action Academy?

  • Every week you'll have access to a new useful and motivational audio.  Not just rah rah and feel good stuff - though there's a bit of that!  But useful steps and ideas you can immediately implement to complete your projects, get motivated again and really, really achieve!
  • A Twice-Monthly Pyjama Party! (You can call this an accountability session if you've got your serious hat on!)  At our online party I'll make sure you're seeing results.  I'll set us up online together in a 6 hour stint twice a month.  We'll all work online together at the same time.  We'll encourage each other and let everyone know what we've accomplished!  Working with others is one of the best ways to get s&%* done and our monthly Pyjama Parties are going to be THE PLACE TO BE ON THE INTERNET!  Imagine what you could achieve in 6 hours of time dedicated exclusively to your online business?
  • Monthly video training on a piece of tech that will make your life much easier.  I'll save you from trowling around the internet at 2am trying to find out how you add a photo to your opt-in form (or something equally frustrating!)
  • Tips on the best free stuff on the internet to help you move forward in your business.  I really love bootstrapping (that means spending nix!) when it comes to online business.  I love that the internet age means we can all start a business for less than $100!
  • Huge exclusive discounts on any products or programmes I release while you're a member of my No More Vanilla Living Action Academy. Think 50% off ladies!  Those discounts basically make this program free!  Plus you'll get advance notice of new free products and how to get them whenever they are released (at least 6 per year).
  • Weekly accountability online with me.  Fill in your Action Academy! update on Tuesday night and get my feedback on Wednesday each week.  This one step will keep you on the straight and narrow - I know you're going to love, love, love this part as much as I do!!
  • Plus other secret stuff that I'll surprise you with as we go along!

Before you decide that you're going to give up on your awesome future, you should know that I haven't always been a GET S&%* DONE type of girl.  I procrastinated for years before I finally worked out how to get myself under control.  I learnt some simple skills that anyone can learn, I got myself a coach (or 2) and I knuckled down and started completing those projects.  

Just because you have doubts and think that you can't possibly take action quickly, doesn't mean that you're right!​  I'm here to hold your hand, get you to focus and make sure you know exactly what to do to achieve your online dreams!

Think about this:  Where were you at 3 months ago?  If you don't take the leap today where will your business be 3 MONTHS FROM NOW?  6 MONTHS FROM NOW?  If that's too scary to contemplate click below to join my 'No More Vanilla Living Action Academy!' right now!

Get your introductory offer of just $19 for the first 30 days right here!​

Finally it's your turn to set the world on fire!

I can't wait to see you inside!

​Tracey Pedersen

The Freedom Champion!​

P.S.  Click the 'Take Action!' button to get yourself into action right now!

P.P.S.  Still not sure?  Email me and ask me any questions you have by clicking here.​  I want you to be 100% confident in taking the plunge.  I answer all emails personally!