Are You Sick To Death Of Dreaming About Stuff You NEVER Achieve? Have you EFFING HAD ENOUGH?

Do you have a huge list of things you want to achieve?  Do you dream about them, plan for them, but never quite get them out into the light of day?

If this is you, JUST STOP IT!



Start doing the tasks that matter and stop doing the crappy busy work!

What tasks matter?

Creating Products For Your Audience!

Launching those products to your peeps!

Creating More Products!

Writing that book you've been talking about for 10 years!

Releasing that book onto the unsuspecting world!​

Action tasks.  They are the ones that matter!

Not a pretty website, professional business cards, head shots and fancy photos shoots.  All that stuff is just shit busy work.  You can get all that when you're successful.

Not facebook posting, twitter chatting and pinning on Pinterest.  All that stuff helps but it doesn't unleash your brilliance to the world like your book would.  It doesn't help other people get ahead like your Signature Program would.  Social Media sucks time away from your action tasks!​

Right now you need to make BANK!  Cash in hand, a PayPal account overflowing with deposits.  Emails coming at ya every day announcing those deposits!​

If you're serious about taking action and want someone to kick your butt and make sure you follow through, then you need my No More Vanilla Living Action Academy!  

It's called an Action Academy for a reason!  It's chock full of help to get you DOING, instead of TALKING ABOUT IT!​

Taking action is the reason we were able to travel the world with three of our kids in 2012​.

Taking action is the reason I've published 6 books this year with 2 more already written and ready for publication!​

Taking action is the reason that my online business finally didn't suck!  After 4 years of fluffing around and telling everyone (including my long-suffering husband) of how great everything I created was going to be, I finally worked out that I just had to bloody do something!  

Once I TOOK ACTION, everything changed for me!​

Click the link and get into this program now!  Don't think about it for a week like you've probably done so many other times before.

If you haven't moved forward without help up until now, why will that change?  Decide to get some help and become successful!  You deserve it!  Your audience deserves you to share your brilliance!

Take Action And Get It Today!  Click the link to get more written information or check out the video below!

Have a listen to my introductory video if you want to find out more.  Nothing fancy - no make up, no styling.  You just get me and exactly how I am every day!

You're welcome!